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How to get to Aswan?
  • by airplane from Cairo and direct from abroad. Some countries offer straight flights to Aswan international aiport
  • by train from the north; Cairo or Luxor; check timetable
  • by car from the north and the Red Sea area
  • by local bus or weekly ferry from Wadi Halfa (Sudan)
How to get to Bet el Kerem?
See picture gallery in the middle of this page


Our guesthouse is located directly opposite the center of Aswan. The ferry to the West Bank departs from the Corniche (Nile boulevard), opposite the street to the railway station and opposite the Tombs of the Nobles on the West bank.


Look for the sign "Alexander the Great" (cruise boat landing). On the left you find the stairs to the local ferry to the West bank. (ask for the ferry to Gharb (=West) Aswan, or to the Tombs of the Nobles).
The ferry about costs 2 Egp each and brings you in less than 10 min. to the other side.
Walk to the asphalt road and from there to the right, where you find our guesthouse in the middle of the first row of houses (large and painted blue, with large trees around the garden).

Ferry route Aswan West bank

More information on Nubian culture and history. And about our touristic activities in and around Aswan. Click on the pictures below:


Recent discoveries on the West bank

Archaeological finds in the area


Learn more about the rich Nubian history; the black pharaohs

New perspectives on the Nubian history

nubian folk dance.jpg

Learn about the rich Nubian music and dance culture

Nubian music and dance


Check all the touristic activities we offer!

Hiking, cycling, camel and horse riding and boat trips. Workshops and cooking classes.

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